Not only brutal rescuers can save people, but also cute puppies, led by a 10-year-old boy. Online games Puppy Patrol is based on the series of the same name, which did not enter, and literally burst into the life of every child. Magnificent six puppies, each of which belongs to a particular breed, bring tangible benefits and really help those who are in trouble. On the site your child can repeatedly meet with favorite characters, because we have a large number of free online games Puppy Patrol: coloring, puzzles, fermenters, etc. It is worth noting that the bulk of online games in Russian Puppy Patrol is designed for kids. And mostly it is educational games that will help make your child more attentive, able to think logically and look for a way out of difficult situations. With your favorite characters the educational process is much more fun and easier. Therefore, we advise all parents to pay attention to free online games Puppy Patrol, you can play without registration! Smart and kind puppies are already in a hurry to help children who do not know what to do!

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