Online games How to tame the dragon in the story closely intertwined with the cartoon of the same name, with the only difference that players can independently influence the further events. Such "toys" are ideal for fans of fantasy, who in search of adventure explore new spaces, including space. Online games How to tame a dragon is a wander, strategy, serious armed clashes and racing. For example, in order to continue the game, you will have to replenish the stock of coins and weapons, and take care of feeding the dragon, which still need to be able to tame. In online games How to tame the dragon will also have to learn how to manage it, and this science is not given to all. Because one wrong move can lead to a real disaster. For example, a dragon controlled by an inexperienced or careless "pilot" can easily collapse into a cliff or burn everything around it. But we're sure that everything will work out, because offers games with different difficulty levels. And if you're just starting out playing free online games like Tame the Dragon, we suggest you start with the easiest 'toy'.

Games How to Train Your Dragon online

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