And who are Fixiki? Online games with multi-colored people who know how to fix malfunctions electrical appliances from the inside, appeared almost immediately after the first series of the famous now cartoon series. The original material for the creation of this masterpiece was the work of the famous children's writer E. Uspensky "Warranty Men. It should be noted that this is - not a pebble from the works of foreign authors, and a product with an original idea. Consequently, online games Phoenix are as original as the original source. And most importantly, they are loved by children of different ages. To meet again with your favorite characters, we recommend playing online games Phoenix on Online versions of popular toys are available to everyone free and without registration. It is noteworthy that these unique characters are not obsessed with their work and know how to relax. We have online games Puzzle Fixies, Brodyliki, sports. You can also drive a race car, collected Fixikiki or on the aircraft, which is not afraid of asteroids, because the creation of a superbroni and equipping it with a super gun also took care of these "handy" characters.

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