Game book of stickers Schimmer and Shine

Game book of stickers Schimmer and Shine

 Everyone knows about such a wonderful holiday as Valentine's Day. On this day, all lovers on our planet strive to make a memorable gift to their dear person. It has long been a tradition to give Valentine's Day gifts to your loved ones - such beautiful cards, often with heart shapes and containing a congratulation or a declaration of love. In this game, you will find yourself in the magnificent palace of Jinn Shine and Schimmer, to make extraordinary Valentine's cards in their magic workshop. For such work you will get everything you need: a lot of beautiful backgrounds with hearts, magnificent landscapes, familiar from famous cartoons and the most favorite characters of the universe Nikelodeon. First of all, choose stickers with popular characters such as Peppa's pig and her family, curious mermaids, cool spies, puppies from puppy patrol, Flash, Millie, Bot and Geo, beautiful Nella  Princess Knight, Dasha Marques and others. When you make an unforgettable Valentine's Day, you can immediately print it out to sign for a dear person and give it to him. Enjoy your time and the magical valentines!
:Control of the game Игра Книга Наклеек Шиммер и Шайн
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