Online tanks

Online tanks

In this game you will compete with the same gamers from all over the world in the management of a variety of tanks, fighting in virtual space. Such collective battles on three-dimensional maps will allow everyone to show what he is capable of and deservedly win a realistic and fierce battle. Cooler than this has not come up with anything. First decide on the brand of the tank and you can start. Send projectiles to enemy tanks to pierce their armor and hit, and try to keep your fighting vehicle intact. Here is the possibility of communication between players, both through the chat, and using voice contact. The game has an opportunity to grow in a hierarchy of military ranks, which are awarded for the accumulation of experience in the form of points. And raising the military rank allows you to upgrade your tank, provide it with the best weapons, etc. Before the start of the battle, you need to take a training course, then to register and you can start fighting. There are no differences by gender to fight on extensive and picturesque maps. The terrain will be very natural, with different buildings, fences, trees and other features of the area. This game has a very realistic physical component, so it will not be difficult to fully immerse yourself in the process. Also remember that by analogy with the real world, the tank can turn over or fall off the bridge. A lot of possibilities are waiting for you: ease of control and several game modes to choose from. Aren't there enough arguments to start playing right now? Get started, and let the military luck accompany you in battle!
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