Break Me Totally

Break Me Totally

This game is non-standard and interesting. There is no need to save or help someone, but vice versa: the task is to do as much damage to the stickman. You can do with him whatever you want. Only the player depends on whether the character can survive after all the experiments with him. The player is available 20 impressive and dangerous levels. First you will be able to play only the first two levels. To open the next stages, you will have to collect money, which will be charged for each experiment of staging an accident with a dummy. Payment will be higher the more injuries will be caused to the dummy. Each experiment must be well thought out and organized: from the choice of the stigman posture, to the place and force of impact. And then all you have to do is watch the dummy fall. In the first stages, traumatic situations will be easier, such as pushing the stickman down the stairs. With the increasing levels will be added new opportunities to harm the character of the game, they will become more sophisticated. As the levels increase, new positions for starting the stickman fall will also be added. It will also be possible to make an accident more destructive and dangerous with the help of vehicles. You will be able to collide the stickman on the bed, skateboard, supermarket cart, chair and many other moving objects. In fact, the game is not limited to almost anything but the fantasy of the player himself.  
:Control of the game Ломай Меня Полностью
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