Young Titans Jumping Battles

Young Titans Jumping Battles

Here you will participate in epic battles with a group of brave Young Titans. These heroes always protect good and justice. They have repeatedly saved Jump City from the invasion of evil forces. In this game you will be lucky to take part in the tournament. You can play both alone and with an invited friend for two. First of all, decide which of the Titans you will play. You can choose all 5 young heroes: Cyborg, Robin, Beisteboy, Raven and Starfire. But outside of the access area are five representatives of the High 5 team, consisting of Jinks, Mammoth, Sea Maura, Gizmo and Billy Numerousa. To make them also available, you'll need to win tournaments five times. It will be titanic mega fights. In order to defeat the enemies you will need to use all their fighting skills. Do not forget that each of the characters has its own style of combat. Kick the butt of all rivals! Stretch out and become a champion. 
:Control of the game Юные Титаны Прыгучие Бои Управление для второго игрока.
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