Easy 3D Parkour

Easy 3D Parkour

This game is dedicated to parkour, and in a simple form, so that even a beginner lover of this sport can cope. Here only one level on which the game zone with placed all kinds of constructions for occupations is located. The beginning of the game is always in one place, and the final goal is to reach the place where the flag is located. The whole area for the parkour floats in the sky, where clouds are sweeping by. There is a lot of ice, snow and all kinds of blocks of wood, earth, stone, etc. on it. It is not difficult to pass the whole game, because the level is short. But you have to keep in mind that most of the obstacles can not be passed immediately. To do this, you will need to make several attempts. There will also be ice slopes on the way that you can slide over, as well as chasms that you have to jump over. After that, the path will go through a tunnel and then there will be small islands on the way that you need to jump. In fact, the jump will be the main element in this game. In order not to lose the right direction, you need to follow the arrows. If it does not work at once, do not give up. After several attempts, you will definitely pass the whole game. Though the game is not difficult, but it will help you to prepare for more serious trials in parkour.
:Control of the game Легкий Паркур 3Д
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