Kogama Rainbow Parkour

Kogama Rainbow Parkour

Another great game in the series Kogama, where you will be jumping on a rainbow. It is implemented on the cube graphics, which makes it very interesting. Especially for parkour lovers high in the sky among the clouds, there is plenty of room for training and honing skills, as well as for competitions. Ahead there are completely new levels with original obstacles, so it will be both fun and interesting to play. There are a lot of real players waiting for you, with whom you can play online. All players are on the same map and start their competitions in parkour. Will you be able to get past them all? You will have to overcome such obstacles as protruding pins, volcanic lava, chasms and many others. The main task - as soon as possible to get to the point where the game is saved and show it at the first time. Platforms here will be really small, so you have to jump and jump with high accuracy. If you do not cope, you will break down and have to start from the last point where the game is saved. In addition to parkour there are several mini-games, but the main thing is to jump and jump on platforms in the middle of the rainbow with other players.
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