The Soul of the Robber

The Soul of the Robber

There are two types of bandits: some seek to gain the respect of people, while others seek to instill fear and become known to all. Nobody treats them well, except for the same criminals. Any robber will not be delighted to walk through the city streets, crowded with dangers and guards. But any of the robbers are passionate about killing, making money and getting into trouble. In this game, the main character - a fast robber, moving from city to city, leaving only bad memories. The player's task is to control the character, which will move forward, overcoming all obstacles, whether it is a high wall or narrow passage, or may be evil guards. There is no need to be afraid of anything, the main thing is to perform on time all the necessary actions. The robber will meet more and more new situations on his way, there will even be a love story. From combat techniques are available undercutting, sword hitting and throwing a dagger. The daggers will be regularly caught in the way. You will need to periodically review your inventory to be ready to apply something in time for a dangerous situation.
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This legendary game definitely does not need a special introduction. Any gamer will be very proud
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