Farm Happy 2

Farm Happy 2

This game is a continuation of the already popular game. Only here will play a little harder, but more interesting. Now the player has much more farm opportunities. The beginning, as before, will be a small area on which to keep the hens. In the well, you need to get water, which is used to water the land to grow grass. Grass serves as food for the chickens and without it they will have a rest. Once the eggs have been collected from the laying hens, they will need to be sent to the city to be sold. There's a vehicle for that. In this version of the game on your cattle yard will do raids not bears, but pandas. It looks more intimidating, but for them you can also put catching cages. Passing levels and gradually developing your farm, you will get experience points. These points can be spent on various useful buildings and items such as a spinning mill, bakery, powder plant, aircraft, improved well and steeper panda stands. The levels of the game are arranged in series on the map, so just follow the map. You have to try to develop your farm as much as possible to get the most income and become the best farmer in the county. In addition to smokes, you can keep ducks, cows, piglets or sheep in the farm. To protect the area, you can get a dog. You can also get a cat to help you farm. The cat will collect all the food and take it to the warehouse. For your farm to thrive, you need to organize a coordinated work on it.
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