5 Nights With Freddy 1

5 Nights With Freddy 1

The game 5 Nights With Freddie 1 .We invite you to visit Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. It is a nice and cozy place where you can eat delicious food at an affordable price. It is very good and fun to bring children there, because this pizzeria is very modern. Animatronics robots work here. They are cheerful and entertain visitors by playing and singing songs for them. The kids really like them. The main robot in this restaurant is a bear named Freddy. He knows how to create a very positive atmosphere. That's what happens at Freddie's pizza place during the day. As for the night, there's something going on here that can die of fear. Robots move freely around the restaurant and it's better not to meet them at this time of day. You'll be playing a character named Mike Schmidt, who just got a night guard job here. On the first night shift, Mike will get a phone call from a stranger. It'll be his predecessor guard at this weird pizza place. He'll tell us what's going on at the restaurant at night and Mike will realize he's gonna spend a few nights more like hell. We'll have to hold out from midnight to 6:00 a.m. when all the robots are active. The security guard will sit at the remote and watch the restaurant through CCTV. The whole pizza place is looking good. You have to watch the animatrons closely, and when they start moving, you close the door right away. You have to use the electricity carefully, because if it runs out and the doors don't close, you'll be a hunt for Freddy Bear and his comrades. Try to hold out until morning. 
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