Monkey and bats

Monkey and bats

 There is no holiday more interesting than Halloween. Monkeys love it very much, because you can have fun with your soul. The main symbols of this holiday are bats and pumpkins. However, this time all the bats have disappeared somewhere, and the holiday threatens to be torn down. From this news, the monkey downloaded. You need to do everything possible to make the monkey happy again. Before you start, you need to choose one of the monkeys, pick up a cute headdress and start performing prepared quests. The whole game contains 22 levels. On each of them you need to solve a difficult situation, as a result of which the bats will be released and the monkey will be happy. Solutions to the tasks can be quite non-trivial, so you need to work through several options. For example, the bats are in a balloon and in order to release them, you need to solve examples in mathematics. But it is not the right answers that are needed, but the opposite. Then Pinocchio will have a nose that will eventually pierce the balloon and release the bats. And the monkey will have a lot of fun.
:Control of the game Обезьянка и Летучие Мыши
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