Thieves crafties

Thieves crafties

We present you the legendary brothers of thieves. They've robbed more than one bank, as well as other establishments. They would have become very wealthy people if one day they hadn't been captured by the police. Eventually, both brothers went to prison. The time in prison is long and boring. The brothers challenged the guards in prison and won the argument. And that's when the guards turned their lives into hell. That's when two brothers decide to escape. Your task is to help these thieves escape. It won't be easy, because if the police have enough, the grip doesn't weaken. If you play alone, you will control both brothers, and sit down with your friend, each with his own. Our thieves are very clever and they have to sneak through 20 prison sites, collecting money on them. You should be wary and avoid guards, other prisoners and laser beams. Apply logic, agility and wit, and be sure to pass the whole game to the end.
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