Robber Bob 2

Robber Bob 2

We welcome you to a world of alternative justice. In this game, the protagonist is still a thief named Bob. However, this time his robberies will be much higher than in the first game. Now you can rob fat sums not only in ordinary ways. This time Bob has access to ultramodern gadgets such as a stun gun, picklock, camera, power supply and masking spray. A variety of locks can be unlocked very quickly with a picklock. Energy gives a powerful burst of energy and Bob becomes very fast for a while. The camera takes an instant photo and closes the CCTV screen. The stun gun can deal with powerful cops or bodyguards that can't be taken with Bob's baton. The masking spray can help make Bob invisible even while he's on the move. Once you familiarize yourself with the gadgets and select some of them, you can start playing. Bob will penetrate and explore large mansions and other buildings equipped with security systems. You have to be careful in order to get what you want. Good luck!
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