Soldier Fight

Soldier Fight

This  is an action game with levels. In order to clear any level, you need to collect hidden keys, which you can get under the box or from your opponents. Collect more and more coins in order to unlock the stunning guns and characters. Use a machine gun bazooka with a warm and cool cannon to liquidate your opponents. Authentic fighter Start performing at Soldiers Combat. Now you're in the background of battle, fighting all around, the enemy has an entire army! Are you not afraid of being shot by a sniper or another enemy? Explore the area, find your targets, think about your strategy - fighting is difficult! It's not an elementary battle that awaits you, but a fight - destroy the enemy, be it a shooter or a prestigious sniper? Your army is ready, the enemy's army is also coming to fight! What a real war! Crush the enemy with a military strategy, soldier!
Recognized as the best strategy by more than 10 million players, Afterpulse action game will not leave anyone indifferent! The army is entering the battlefield! This is a great action mmo: Get your personal machine gun, sniper! You will feel the spirit of war in this game.
:Control of the game Бой солдат
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