Weapon attack

Weapon attack

Fight for the hero of the universe war and help the universe from the mercilessness of enemy forces. Step into the boots of the hero of the universe war and fight on the background of the battle. Lead a unit of forces and arrange a personal road to find a clear location of terrorist opponents. In this critical shootout, you must exterminate all the most deadly competitors with the support of an advanced arsenal. Fight like a brave fighter in hidden and hidden missions that are not easy to accomplish. Be furious to accomplish all the missions to clear the arena of a long-term universe war. As a border fighter on the background of the battle, never give up or lump up as hard as you can to bring back the universe in your arena. As a matter of fact, it is an advanced command task to find these terrorists and destroy them. Let them see your rage attacks on the front lines. Play a near-reality game in the genre of universe war in the genre of "army shooter" with missions of commando value in real time!

:Control of the game Удар оружия
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