Crazy Jelly Shift

Crazy Jelly Shift

Crazy Jelly Shift game is an interesting online fun in which you will control the jelly on an interactive field. This jelly will constantly move forward, with difficulties waiting for you on the interactive field. They will have different forms, and you will not be able to jump away from them as a rule. Your jelly can change its shape, so you can easily find out the height and length. The main task is to react quickly and change your configuration if necessary. Get to the final and go to the next sublevel. What level will you reach? Push the jelly upwards and upwards to reconfigure it. Make sure the mash is properly reshaped so that it can pass through the difficulties. Refine the configuration of the jelly so that you can carefully avoid encountering difficulties. The jelly can easily expand and contract to match the required configurations. Check the backlashes between the sacred ditches to pass with the jelly, narrowing and compressing the jelly depending on it.
:Control of the game Crazy Jelly Shift
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