Litle Big Snake

Litle Big Snake

The game Little Big Snake . Is there a computer game lover who would not know about the old game in which the snake crawled on the playing field and had to absorb various objects, but not to intersect with its own tail. New game offers a new version of this nostalgic old miracle. In the old game were only mazes and different obstacles that could not be faced. In the new game there are many different opportunities. It is not just a monotonous surface, but also a whole ball of different creatures that follow their goal. From a small snake you have to grow a big boa. To do this, it must be fed with small particles scattered in the field. They will add speed and health to the snake. As long as the pet is small, you must avoid meeting big opponents. When the snake is big, you can already attack. This game will be very effective in killing your time. You have to carefully protect the snake's tail from attacking, because this is its weak spot. By the end of the game your snake should become the dominant alpha animal in the whole playground!
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