This game refers to browser online games with three-dimensional graphics. The interface is nice, does not cut eyes. The advantage of "Slizario" is that this game is multiplayer and you can play it with a large number of players from around the world. The main character is a worm crawling on the field in the company of the same worms. However, all of them are different sizes, and some can be just giant and so it is not easy to get around them. The main task of your worm is to absorb the small lights of different colors that lie across the surface of the map. The more the worm will eat, the larger it will reach and the more impressive it will become for other players. In the corner of the card there is a map on which you can see the opponents and concentrations of nutritious lights. In order not to die, you should avoid meeting with the worms of opponents. To defeat the other worm you need to climb under it from its side and then when touched, it will break up into nutritious lights. You need to be clever and cunning. If you choose the right strategy, your worm will very quickly grow to monster sizes. But do not forget that you can be overwhelmed by a small worm-new. You can get into the ring of enemies or die while eating. You should always be alert and try to be ahead of the curve. It is possible to sharply increase the speed of movement, but the worm will lose in size, leaving behind a loop of previously eaten lights. Therefore, after acceleration, you should try to eat something immediately to restore the status quo. After the first level different original skins will be available: from just different colors to the colors of different flags and skeleton.
:Control of the game Слизарио
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