Realistic Simulator Taxi 2020

Realistic Simulator Taxi 2020

Meet the new part of the popular taxi simulator. Here you will need to deal with the transportation of passengers around the city, and you can choose whether to work officially for a taxi service or to carry out private transportation. The fleet of offered cars will amaze your imagination, because the choice already consists of 30 models of cars. By the way, the developers promise to add new cars every week to further expand the choice. In addition to the car, you have the right to choose and the city in which you want to work. It can be always warm and sunny Miami, great and huge Los Angeles or bright and crowded New York. The streets and passengers of big metropolises are already waiting for your car. You can drive roughly, sticking to all the traffic rules, or show your dashing qualities and drive without brakes. In this version, for the first time implemented such a feature as a call from a VIP-client or undecided customers. If you are fascinated by a career of the taxi driver, the realism will give such feature, as the beginning of work on inexpensive transport with the minimum conveniences. As you earn money, you should invest it in the purchase of more and more cool cars. So, after a while you will already be riding a luxury jeep or a luxury sports car. This makes sense, both in terms of aesthetics and earning money, because the wealthiest customers want to ride only luxury cars. Graphics will accurately strike your imagination: drawing cars and buildings to the smallest detail, adequate pedestrian behavior due to the weather, and more. And if you suddenly get bored playing in career building mode, you can drive freely on the streets or try yourself in multiplayer mode. We wish you to become a cool taxi driver and have a great time!
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