Dog 3D - Bring the stick

Dog 3D - Bring the stick

When you play this original game simulator with your pet on the lawn, you will most likely assume that its creator was inspired by playing outdoor games with his own dog. After all, here you can perform all the standard commands of the owner, managing a well-trained pet dog. This will be interesting to anyone who loves dogs but, for some reason, can't get a pet. Or maybe he's just not going to do it yet. You will love the beautiful three-dimensional graphics, very realistic physics of the behavior of a four-legged friend who knows how to do everything that is inherent to a live animal. For example, a doggie waving his tail cheerfully and happily brings the thrown stick. You can tell all you want, but it's better to see once than hear a hundred times. It's even better to play it yourself. Start and have a great mood for you!
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