Wake up the Box 2

Wake up the Box 2

 It's how much you have to want to sleep to sink into any, even the most uncomfortable place, whether it's the edge of the roof of the multi-storey or even the high voltage line wires. And, most interestingly, such a strong sleep cannot interrupt even rain and snow. But it is still nothing if the main character in the proposed game once did not manage to fall asleep right under the windows of a resident of a brick house. This citizen turned out to be quite brittle, and the cardboard box snooping right in front of his window just pissed him off. He immediately picked up the phone and called the city administration to complain about this outrage. You'll be playing an employee of a city department that specialises, oddly enough, in sleeping boxes. You need to urgently do something to wake up the box before you get a complaint from the same nasty person again. You can wake up the box by dumping it in your own way. It's a pretty extraordinary measure, of course, but it's clearly an extraordinary case. Especially since the box doesn't react at all to loud screams. Probably, such extreme measures in this situation can be justified, because any sleeper will definitely wake up when he falls off the roof of the house. Try to wake up the sleeping box and complete the task in the game.
:Control of the game Разбуди Коробку 2
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