Wake up the box 3

Wake up the box 3

An unusual boy in the game about a box that sleeps could not wake up. If he woke up, then for a very short time, and no one can bring him back from sleep, no matter how hard he tries. Maybe he's the one with the disease, but then the kid needs to see a doctor. However, to get to the doctor, you have to wake up, so it's a closed circle. Hopefully you can talk him through it so that he can finally be in the doctor's office. No one would mind if our character went to sleep in his room on a comfortable bed. There, he wouldn't disturb anyone or cause pity. However, the boy always has no time, and he always falls asleep in any place where he is enveloped by the waves of Morpheus. And that could be anywhere from the parliament building to the hood of an ambulance. Other characters in the game will gladly help you to wake up the sleepy boy. For example, Pinocchio can move the box with his long nose. But for this he will have to lie a little, because it is when he lies, his nose starts to grow. Make some effort and wake up the sleep. It's interesting to play!
:Control of the game Разбуди Коробку 3
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