Gold Digger

Gold Digger

Have you ever wondered where precious metals such as gold, silver and others come from? Actually, that information is unclassified and known to almost everyone. Often precious metals are extracted from veins that come right to the surface. No less common is the method of mining with the help of mines, when tunnels are dug under the ground to the veins of metals and special workers go down them to dig further and look for nuggets. In words, everything looks quite simple, but what if you check what it's like to be a miner? This game offers an interesting and safe way to find out. Join the game and become one of the gold diggers to help him become a wealthy man. The first thing you need to do is buy a piece of land in the area where the gold mine runs. That's where the excavation work will begin. It is worth noting the fact that our entrepreneur does not have enough money to install and start the equipment for automatic gold mining. So we'll have to start with just a shovel and a pickaxe. We wish you good luck by the tail and extract enough gold to have enough for a luxurious life for the rest of your days. Good luck!
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