Three lambs going  to home 1

Three lambs going to home 1

In this game, the main characters are three sheep who are far away from home and very eager to go back. They want to be in their own stable, to eat delicious grains and tell all their friends about what happened to them. There are only 15 levels in the game and you have to start from the very first. Don't forget to click on the mode, which implies the appearance of hints in difficult situations. If you're not satisfied with your progress, you can erase it by clicking on the corresponding button. The graphics in this game are quite unusual, which is very popular with small players. In the course of the game your task will be to perform simple logic tasks, which will be displayed on the screen. Most of these tasks will involve the need to move all three sheep from one place to another, overcoming some obstacle. By the way, our heroes are Shirley, Timmy and Shawna. Help them get home safely, and enjoy the game!
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