Laser Cannon 1

Laser Cannon 1

This is a very interesting game, which, although it is a straw, but also applies to arcade games. In addition, it has elements of logic. Here you have to control and shoot the big laser cannon, hitting the attacking monsters. They will hide in various hiding places and hope in vain that they can escape behind them. Despite the fact that the plot is quite brutal, the game is very colorful and can be seriously carried away. And by the way, the monsters, though they seem awful, are actually quite funny. There are only three levels of difficulty and you can initially choose any. We recommend to start with the easiest, because it will be easier to learn and gain the first skills. In addition, there is a system of hints to get you up to speed. The easiest way to destroy a troll is to burn it with a laser beam from your gun, but that won't always work. The fact is that the monsters will be hiding in a hole or behind a wall where it will be very difficult to get shot. For such cases, the developers have provided hammers on chains. To kill a lurking monster, it will be enough to cut the chain with a gunshot, so the hammer fell on top of him and killed. This way, you will move from level to level, getting more and more difficult tasks. Try to keep your shooting efficiency, because the number of points will depend on the ratio of defeated monsters to the number of shots. The points will affect the stars you get, which will be only three on each level. So, tune in to a hard, but interesting battle and start the game more quickly. Good luck!
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