Edible Planet 2

Edible Planet 2

We are pleased to present a new version of the popular game developed by the staff of Dingo Games. Here you will find yourself in the very distant prehistoric past of our planet, when various dinosaurs, both peaceful and predatory, roamed around it. If you played the first part, you will understand that the gameplay is very similar here: you need to constantly increase in size until the character grows to the maximum. To perform this task you will need to eat all the food available, which stimulates the growth of the body. If you try, you will reach such a size that no other dinosaur can not pose any danger to your character. If you have already played in the edible planet, then you will imagine what to do and what to expect. Well, if you saw this game for the first time, then prepare for a fascinating game full of interesting situations that will have to be solved to successfully complete the next level. We wish you to have fun!
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