Siege of the city 1

Siege of the city 1

In this very interesting game about the art of war you get a chance to demonstrate your military talents. Be ready to meet so many opponents that their flags fluttering in the wind stretch all the way to the horizon. Your character is one of those brave men who have taken the courage to confront the enemy troops. You have to control him and lead him into the thickest of battle. From the talents of your hero can be distinguished both tactical and strategic skills, which will allow him to lead the troops of the volunteer army, which does not want to humbly bow his head in front of strangers. Your first steps on the military path will be led by a small unit of fighters. Try to pay attention to even minor details, as they can play a crucial role in the victorious turn of the armed struggle. For each military clash and battle you will receive both points and monetary reward. Try to spend them wisely, that is, buy additional weapons and hire new professional soldiers. After all, volunteers are not so well trained and it is almost impossible to defeat a very powerful enemy with them. Now the outcome of struggle and freedom depends solely on your success. That is what we wish you!
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