Escape from prison 2 for two

Escape from prison 2 for two

Our two brothers were out for a while. Very quickly, they got into a mess and went back to prison. It is possible to say, of course, that there is no guilt behind them, and what they did was done to save another man, and in general their actions are clearly interpreted as self-defense. But there were no witnesses to what happened and they were convicted once again. Having found themselves in prison, the brothers, however, are not going to surrender and intend to make another escape. These guys do not rely on justice and the mercy of justice at all, but are going to get out of prison on their own. A very large portion of the credit for a successful escape usually belongs to someone who coordinates it from the other side of the grid, that is, from freedom. You will act as such a coordinator, so you need to be patient and prepare to actively help the two brothers escape from prison. We wish you a fascinating game and the release of the two hounds.
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Escape from prison for two
Escape from prison for two
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