Lego star wars-Battle Movie

Lego star wars-Battle Movie

The Star Wars movie epic will probably never end, but it can't be attributed in any way to the minuses of the amazing story about the adventures of the Jedi and the power of power everywhere around us. It's probably even a plus, because fans will never get tired of watching another series of sagas about courage, bravery and determination. In this game, you can become a member of all their similarities, and you will determine the further development of the plot and manage familiar to all the characters. You can again choose the side of the rebels and take part in the fight, as long and hard as brutal. However, the uniqueness of the game is just that if you want, you can choose a hero from the dark side. Then you will need to serve the Emperor and Lord of the Sith, trying to defeat the tenacious Jedi and extend the power of the Empire to the entire universe. And although all the heroes in this game are virtual, however, in their world they are very powerful and able to do great things. We wish you to get an unforgettable experience from this exciting game!
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