Give injections to children

Give injections to children

What do you think all children are very afraid of? Except for the dark cabinets, this is definitely a hospital where doctors give very painful injections. There are a lot of adults who are still afraid of medical staff with a syringe in their hand. But sadly, you can't do without injections in almost any treatment. Of course, not to get sick would be the best option, but if it pleases you, you must be treated. If you did not know, doctors know all about the fear that children experience before the syringe and always try to be very sensitive to them, including adults. In this game you will act as a pediatrician, which is called a pediatrician. Today you have a day of foster care, during which you will have to accept small children. Play with pleasure, and you will learn to treat toddlers gently and give them injections as painlessly as possible.
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