The dolphin show game

The dolphin show game

Dolphins have their own secrets, such as an intraspecific language of communication, but they easily come into contact with humans and are very friendly marine mammals. You can easily see this by turning into a real dolphin coach in a small dolphinarium during the game. Your job is very responsible and is to train young dolphins to perform beautiful stunts. It depends entirely on your efforts, whether the students will be able to fully reveal and demonstrate their talents, or they will remain untrained average in the water show. Fully imagine what kind of dolphin's kubit should perform and help it to perform clearly with the help of arrows on the keyboard. The number of types of tricks will gradually increase, and for each of them you will get a certain number of points. These points can and should be spent on the purchase of interesting costumes for dolphins and other stage equipment. We wish you interesting training and brilliant performances!
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