Scooby Doo-Temple of the lost souls

Scooby Doo-Temple of the lost souls

In this game Shaggy and Scooby Doo will visit one of the most horrible temples on our planet. It's called the Temple of the Lost Souls. And to find a way out of it, it will take a lot of sweat, bypassing a huge number of sophisticated traps. On the way, do not forget to pick up the found items, because almost all of them will help to pass in dangerous places. Some found items will have to be left in places where they will serve as a key or protection. Well, others will have to be carried with them at all times. And in one of the rooms you will have to climb under the floor to catch a terrible ghost that frightens all the people visiting this terrible temple. Show patience and courage to help our cartoon friends overcome all the challenges in the mysterious and terrible temple from the very entrance to the safe exit. We promise you will have a very strong experience!
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