Swampy crocodile -Where's my water?

Swampy crocodile -Where's my water?

A little crocodile named Swampy lives in downtown New York City. Only he doesn't live in a house, he lives in a sewer. He has a small house where he lives quietly and peacefully. Crocodile's not like all his congeners. He's very clean. Taking a shower is one of his favorite activities. But in one joyful day, evil crocodiles gnawed at the sewer pipes, and there was no water in Swampy's shower. We need to help the crocodile get the water back so he can bathe again whenever he wants. There are some interesting events ahead of the player. The game will require optimism and cleverness. You will need to go through different levels to determine the path for the water to begin to flow into the pipe leading to Swampie's shower cubicle. You also need to remember about collecting and filling with water ducks made of rubber for Swampy. Sometimes there will be different shower products on the way, such as soap, shampoo and sponge. If you collect them all, you will be able to open an additional level.
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