Mystic IQ Test

Mystic IQ Test

This game will check your intelligence level is simple and fun. It is also interesting. Your character will be confined to a mysterious room in which only obscure inscriptions will tell you the reason for being here. The guy needs help getting out of prison. It will not be easy, because you will have to visit 30 rooms, each of which will have to solve logical problems. For example, you will have to calculate how many triangles are located on an ancient riddle. Or to choose the right tile for the countdown. When you find the right answer, go to the door on which it is specified. Behind each door there is a room with riddles of different complexity. Sometimes the doors will open without problems, and sometimes you will have to try. The complexity of the puzzles will be higher, the higher level of complexity you choose at the beginning of the game. If you choose the easy mode, then if you make a mistake, the minimum points will be removed from your account, but the level of IQ will not be very high. As the difficulty grows, two indicators will increase: 1) more points will be deducted for errors; 2) a higher IQ level will be assigned. Play for your pleasure, solve problems and learn your real intelligence level. 
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