Supermarket fever

Supermarket fever

Ever been to a real sale? No? And by the way, not in vain, at sales in huge stores in these months something terrible is happening, and not terrible, so that these days in supermarkets wander terrible mutants or monsters, but because the individuals at these moments just a huge number. Each of them wants to buy more food, and in the end it turns out that people come home with full bags of all sorts of unnecessary things. We will not be distributed in a new three-dimensional simulator as it can lead to death, and in the supermarket has a virus that affects all and everyone! Have you ever had an information amnesia at a worthwhile sale? No? And thirdly, not for nothing, something terrible and not terrible is happening in the sales in big supermarkets these days, because in these months in the shops there are terrible xenomorphs or monsters, and so that people in these moments just a huge abundance. Each of them wants to buy more goods, and the result is that individuals come back with bags full of unnecessary things.
:Control of the game Лихорадка Супермаркета
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