Kogama dungeon run

Kogama dungeon run

This is a perfectly famous 3D game for a large number of users. Carry on as soon as possible and get the flag first or the best period. Jump over pits and overcome a lot of obstacles and opponents on your own path.
The amazing KoGaMa universe opens its own gates again. Join in a thrilling adventure. Play in front of people all over the world. Kogama: Dungeon Run is a multiplayer game. The most daring and frisky player is the favorite. Battle all the obstacles in your way. Punches, acceleration and pits have every chance to be your worst enemies. Don't be embarrassed and join the other cheerful adventure in the Kogama series. Earn daily diamond bonuses and open up fresh characters and clothing. It's time to enjoy new active and unusual tasks that will diversify your life and everything will become much nastier and more fun: you need to be the smartest, fastest, strongest and most invincible to win and not to fall into the mud.
:Control of the game Kogama- Dungeon Run 
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