Tiger Simulator 3D

Tiger Simulator 3D

Unsurpassed game, simulating the life of a mighty predator has been waiting for you. Tigers are very beautiful and graceful animals, and now you have a great chance to experience the life of these jungle kings in natural conditions. You will control one tiger, roam the expanses of wildlife and survive. To feed yourself, you will need to hunt occasionally and eat the prey that you have caught. Do not forget to drink as well, because you will not be able to survive long without water. If you manage to meet the opposite sex on the way, you can create a family with it, as well as have a brood of tigers. The maximum allowed number of children is 4. The family will help you both in hunting and in fighting with competitors. For each member of your family to develop and grow, you should go hunting and give some meat to the tigers and your partner. You have a great opportunity to choose the most suitable skin from those offered to make the tiger look the way he likes. There is even a chance to put a funny hat on the ward, if such a turn seems appropriate to you. After each level you pass, you will earn points that can be redeemed for increased attack ability or increased vitality. Other skills that can be added include increased speed, increased food gathering and the like. As you travel, your tiger will meet many different creatures, both peaceful and very aggressive. Be prepared to fight the strongest enemies. And, of course, the main tasks of the game is to perform a variety of tasks, from hunting to finding ancient artifacts. Be prepared for any turn of events. We wish you a great time playing an unforgettable three-dimensional tiger simulator.
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