Homeless Hobo 2 - In prison

Homeless Hobo 2 - In prison

In this game, the interesting adventures of bum Hobo will continue. He is behind bars and wants to get out as soon as possible. And the cops are gonna pay to get our tramp off the street. He managed to get into a big fight at lunchtime in the clutches. Since all the prisoners have a negative attitude towards you, they should be beaten mercilessly. The guards and police will rush to you immediately. Hobo will have to beat them all up pretty good. In a fight, you can use any object at hand, be it a bottle, chair or anything else. Since your hero is a bum, he can use any forbidden techniques, even spit in the face. Walk around the prison wherever you want, and organize fights and other types of fights everywhere. There are CCTV cameras everywhere and if you are seen through them, you must be prepared for a police attack. As the game progresses, the hobo will have new skills, such as nausea or something even worse. Bring your escape to a victorious conclusion and enjoy the action of a cheerful and brutal hobo.
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