Diego come on-Africa

Diego come on-Africa

Diego is a very kind boy and his big heart led him to Africa. There are many different kinds of animals there that require protection and guardianship. Surprisingly, he manages to do good things for all animals in need. Even more astonishing is that Diego was able to find a few minutes to play in his very busy schedule. He invites you to keep him company. If you don't mind, then take it as a little puzzle puzzle that needs to be put together. The picture shows Diego himself with his spotted assistant and other beasts. You can choose between three difficulty levels: 25 parts, 49 parts and 100 parts. There is a three-star award as a reward for speed of assembly. The faster you assemble, the more stars you earn. To assemble a puzzle with one button and see if you're doing it right, just click on "Assemble". Play with Diego and get great pictures that you can print and hang on the wall for your jewelry. Interesting game!
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